We are especially proud of the medical team which, with its knowledge, expertise and experience, provides top medical service for our patients.


Diagnosis and therapy of neurological diseases requires knowledge, expertise, patience and attention. Our neurologists combine these skills, together with the use of high technology. The 128-channel EEG device, one of the most advanced of its kind in Croatia, is available for our diagnostic requirements.
The basic mission of the Department of Neurology of the Polyclinic Neuron is the clinical application of neuroscience and evidence-based medicine. Specialists working in this field are mostly university teachers in the field of neurology and neuroscience.

The basis of a good clinical assessment of neurological disorders is certainly a neurological examination, after which a decision is made on further diagnostic procedures and treatments.
Our Department of Neurology provides a possibility of EEG video-polygraph recording on a device with a capacity of up to 128 channels. In addition to the standard reading, digital mapping and quantitative EEG can be done as needed.
If necessary, the diagnosis of neurological disorders can be extended to highly differentiated diagnostic imaging (brain MRI, MR angiography, spine MRI etc.) on a 3 Tesla magnetic resonance scanner. Likewise, neurological cases that simultaneously have elements of psychological disorders can be treated interdisciplinary within the Department of Psychiatry at the Polyclinic Neuron.

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